Room change, decoration, interior and an Ikea shopping list!

I was going along quite content with my room until I came across a picture with a custom made floating shelf that was put into a cove in a room and it suddenly dawned on me I could do this with my useless built in cupboard as it has no door so is basically like an indent in the wall and make it into my desk area.

I was like a child at christmas coming up with all these ideas and I still am really excited. I’m lucky in that my dad is an electrician and has been in the trade for a longgg time so know’s a lot of handy people for example carpenters that will cut up wood for him in the size he needs which is perfect for my desk and shelves I want in my built in cupboard as it makes it super super cheap!

Since being inspired with this idea I have come to realise I just have too much stuff and it was bringing me down so I’ve had a massive clear out. I’m pretty sure I ended up taking 25 bags of rubbish to the dump in total and my room is only 8 by 9 foot so you can kinda see what I mean by I had too much stuff…. and there’s still more to sort! slowly but surely getting there.

I also needed to clear out said built in cupboard ready for when my dad could get the wood and install it – SO EXCITED! and I really wanted to get rid of stuff I don’t need. I feel like I’m going through such a big transitional phase of nearly finishing uni, working on my last ever project, deciding what I want to do with my life, trying to get myself fit and healthy – like a lot is going on so It just seemed natural to me that my room would grow with me as when I finish uni I wont need a 120cm long and 60cm wide desk! like my pc is a beast but it only really takes up half of that if that. So as I will be finishing uni I won’t need such a big workspace and I want to focus on my bedroom becoming more of a bedroom and having a designated place for clothes and all my beloved make-up. This may be boring so I’m sorry if it is but I just wanted to blog about it as I’m really excited and as my room is so small I thought it might give others with small rooms some ideas?

Okay so the above plan is how my room looks now and it was even more jam packed before I removed a lot of stuff!! It’s not to scale at all but you can kinda get the idea. It feels kinda claustrophobic in that there’s so much stuff, under the desk is full, under my bed is full, the built in cupboard is basically covered up ect so one of the big aims is to down size my stuff even further and make it feel more spacious.

This is the new plan. A lot more open, more space, designated work area, designated clothes area and designated make-up area! 
I plan to get the desk done in the next few weeks but in terms of new furniture that will have to wait until I’ve saved up a bit of money! ’cause I want to get exactly what I want for the space, not compromise yano otherwise you’re never happy with it and in the end it’s a waste of money anyway. I’ve been looking at Ikea and have found some really lovely things!
I’ve got a few desk ideas. The glass desk is £30 and there’s more info on it here. For £30 I think it’s a great deal and as it’s glass will really give that idea of space and go perfectly with my acrylic storage. 
The next option is the white desk for £40 and there’s more info on it here. I love this one as it has a drawer and will go with everything else in my room as it’s white but at the moment I think the glass one has the edge for something a bit different, It’s also longer and thinner which is making me think  I want the glass one more and it’s cheaper too, just doesn’t have a drawer! decisions decisions. 
Then I’ve picked the MALM 6 drawer unit, found here for £75 which I think is a decent price as It’s roomy and is so well built as I used to have the black/brown 2 drawer version, it’s very weighty! 
The white boxes are the inserts you can buy separately for the drawers which I  think will be invaluable for organisation! These things are called SKUBB boxes and you can buy the set from Ikea for £6 here. 
Next up are two mirrors I can’t choose between so may get both. One has a cute bowl at the bottom so I’m picturing putting rings/necklaces in this, It’s £11 and can be found here. Next is the round mirror with a mirror mosaic effect around the side, which my sister has and is huge! £11 and can be found here.
At the moment I’m at the clearing stage but hopefully the desk will be ready soon enough and that can go in so I can get rid of my enormous one and at least put the storage I currently have where the new versions of it will be going. It’s turning into a bit of a distraction from Uni work but I’m excited and can’t wait to have a room I truly truly love. It’s gunna take a while ’cause everything costs money and takes time obviously! But I shall post any updates ’cause blogging about it allows me to look back especially as this whole time from now until may is a very crucial time in my life!
If you know of any reasonable furniture places please let me know and also any places that sell cute room decorations! – Amy x


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