REVIEW: New Collection eye shadow palettes in purple and smokey eye

I brought these on a whim, well I used tesco’s vouchers to buy them/money I didn’t think I was going to have as my dentist work cost less than I thought yadayada so still on target with my ban guys! These were £3.99 but are currently £2.99 in Tesco. I was gunna blog about these tomorrow but I couldn’t wait! You guys need to buy these now!!

The pigmentation and blend-ability of these eye shadows for such a price is literally incredible. I’ve been able to create the most beautiful purple smokey eye with the purple palette. The picture really doesn’t do the pigmentation justice! and in case your wondering to get such a smooth line I just used sellotape. 

The left palette is the smokey eye version and the right is the purple version. As you can see from left to right the shades have a number 1, 2 or 3 on them and on the back of the package are instructions on how to apply which if your just starting out with eye shadows then this is really helpful. To be honest its a good set of instructions for any eye shadows if you have a light, medium and dark set of shades. The palettes also come with a highlighter which is a cream to powder finish and is really nice!

The top three images are the swatches for the smokey palette. You have the number ones first, then the highlighter and number twos and then the number three’s. Underneath are the swatches for the purple palette again the number ones, highlighter and number two’s and then the number three’s. For nine shadows it’s an amazing price and there are endless combo’s you can do and because they are numbered and in rows it makes it easy to decide where to put which shade and to get a really good looking eye look. From the swatches you can see the pigmentation, I am so impressed it’s making me want to buy the blue and nude versions! not that I need any more palettes but hey for the price of these and how beautiful they are – no brainer! – Amy x


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