I am super tired and have to be up at 5.45am tomorrow as I start work at 7am ohhh the pain but I didn’t wanna not blog so I thought I’d put together a wishlist for y’all as there has been a lot of lusting let me tell you! I found all the images on google but if you recognise one as your own let me know but I’m pretty sure they are just generic packaging images! hoooooookay let’s take a look!

Bourjois 123 perfect foundation // Revlon matte balm in Shameless // Origins GinZing moisturiser // Collection deluxe lipstick in Tallulah // Yankee Candle in Summer Scoop // Nars Sheer Glow // Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk // Collection Blue Eye Palette // Tom Ford Lipstick
As you can see I’m lusting after quite a few foundations. I’m having trouble with redness at the moment so I just want something that really works! As I’m on a spending ban, well I can spend a fiver a week, the foundations won’t really be happening but as soon as it’s the 8th of May I am on it! As I would of not long handed in my last ever Uni project and that deserves a treat! Obviously I’ve heard great things about sheer glow and luminous silk.
Really want a summer candle and the summer scoop smells so good!
Swatched the tallulah lipstick about 10 times! I also love the one called speakeasy I think and these are on offer at £2.99 in Tesco at the moment so a more likely purchase.
I loveee the Revlon matte balm in shameless, the swatches look beautiful online but I’ve yet to see it in stores probably cause it’s always sold out, may have to be a cheeky cheat purchase on payday but I do have a sleek lipstick which is kinda like it.
A Tom Ford lipstick, well they are beautiful aren’t they. It’s very much out of my normal price range but maybe as a special lipstick for my graduation ceremony I may have to pay House of Fraser a lil visit.
What have you been lusting after? Can you recommend anything to help with redness?
– Amy x

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