#fotd plus mini update on my room and pancake day!

L’Oréal true match Ivory // Benefit they’re real // Maybelline on and on bronze // Soap & Glory Kick Ass concealer // seventeen skin wow primer highlight and glow underneath my foundation // Soap & Glory archery // Benefit Coralista blush // Mac Syrup Lipstick

So above you can see my new chest of drawers that took me 6 and a half hours to make! I can’t believe it took that long but I’m really happy with it and now I have a place for all my clothes and the top bit to put my high end makeup, stuff I use everyday, pretty stuffs and a beautiful orchid!

So my pancake today for dinner was AMAZING. My dad makes the best pancakes, they so are thick and yummyyyy. As you can see I opted for nutella and banana which was THE best pancake I have ever had.

Also just to let you guys know if you haven’t seen Asos currently have a 50% off 250 items on their website and I found this beautiful watch, was £28 down to £14. This watch will fulfill my lusting for a Michael Kors watch until I can afford the real deal!
Bit of a random post but I didn’t just wanna do a #fotd and I’ve been working so hard on my room lately I thought I’d give you a sneak peak. My dads carpenter mate made me a desk and two shelves which my dad brought home today and the guy even got the painter to paint them a lovely off white colour. What a nice guy hey! Also WOW over 500 followers. Not even in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d reach that number and have people read my ramblings so yes just wow thank you! I did want to do a giveaway but I don’t have the funds to do the sort of thing I would like to do I’m going to save it for when my blog turns the ripe old age of 1 on the 9th of July! –  Amy x


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