A little haul and spending ban fail! Seventeen cheek stamp, Murad skin care and Garnier micellar water

Oh hey there. So I’ve realised in doing this so called spending ban and just giving myself £5 a week to spend I’ve probably brought more than had I not been on a ban. Yano the whole on a diet so It’s making me want junk food more type thang, well yeah seems it happens with spending bans too.

To be honest with you I have a tinge of guilt but that will quickly go haha. So basically I think I’m gunna have to either go cold turkey or do a project pan and out of the two a project pan of maybe ten products sounds like fun as I can make it into a game and still be able to buy other stuffs as long as it’s not what I already have! so yes good bye spending ban I guess and hello project pan! So I’ll do a post on that another time! If anyone has any advice on how to get a shopping addiction under control, help me! haha

Murad Blemish Discovery Kit. I’ve heard a little about Murad and I wanted to try a more higher end skin care range and as I’m having trouble with under the skin spots that are really painful and have decided to throw a little party around my chin area this definitely sang to me and is a great idea to enable someone to give the brand a try! I got this for £12 which I think sounds good as I haven’t actually researched what the prices for the full sized products ect would be.

 I got another Seventeen cheek stamp in made you look. I’ve been looking for a really nice obviously pink blusher for a while and this one is really nice, It looks a lot brighter in ‘real life’ but it does blend nicely on the cheeks to end up being more like the colour shown above. First impressions is a big thumbs up and obviously I love the packaging as I’ve reviewed the stare struck blush before hand.

I had kinda fallen out of love with my L’Oréal micellar water, It just wasn’t preforming as well as I’d like in terms of getting my eye make-up off. I’d read that a lot of people seemed to prefer the garnier offering. It’s better value for money for sure and I love the packaging as it’s pretty and easier to use. First impressions it definitely works better at getting my eye make-up off. One thing I would say is that I really don’t like the smell. I’ve read that a lot of people have said it has no smell and I’d have to disagree, I can’t put my finger on what the smell is but it just smells of something I don’t really like but that’s nothing as It works better at getting my make-up off which is it’s main point!

Another new thing is something that has featured in all the pictures haha, my new plant! £5 with the pot from B&Q, the pot says HOME the new life starts from here. It’s definitely how I’m feeling right now! I can’t tell you what it is though as the label said assorted house plants – helpful! I also got a little daffodil flower/plant and an orchid which you can see if you head over to my instagram @amytibble

If you’d like any more in depth reviews of any of these products after I’ve used them for a while let me know! I’ll probably do a more in depth review of the Murad products once I’ve used them for a while as I’m really hoping it works so I shall let you guys know, hey it may help for anyone having the same issues!

So yay me for failing miserably as my spending ban and yay for now under taking a a project pan! Also I think my desk is gunna be installed tomorrow, I am soooo excited! Once I’ve sorted everything out and had a final tidy up I’ll do a room tour for you all! I finally have a room I’m really really happy with and is functional! – Amy x


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