walk it out, walk it out

So Wednesday and bloggers wlw has come around again and I thought I’d talk about walking! Recently I have been walking A LOT for my uni project. Above my boots are ruined! but I brought them especially to use so that’s okay as well woods are kinda muddy especially when it rains!

I went out walking yesterday to shoot for my project and I thought i’d take a picture of my boots on my medium format camera because I might just add the image in at the end so show it’s been me and my journey walking around my town’s edgelands. Anyway back to the point, not only is it exercise but it also really improved my mood as i’ve been feeling a bit flat recently.

So if you’re bored, want to exercise or are just feeling down and don’t know what to do with yourself, just walk, go out and walk and embrace nature!

I found some beautiful spots yesterday that not only will make great additions to my project but made me feel instantly up lifted just walking around them.

obviously be safe, woods and edgelands aren’t always the safest of places especially if you’re on your own, but there are plenty of other open places for you just to walk it out so give it a try! There is beauty to be seen all around you to inspire and uplift you – Amy x


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