REVIEW: Sleek blush by 3 in pumpkin 363 for a bargain price

You may need your shades for this one but never fear these are beautiful on, they just look scary in the pan! I found this little bargain in Tesco for £4.99 instead of the usual £9.99 for a blush by 3. I took a gamble I guess as the shades are well they are not your average colours but I love them, infact the bright orange is probably my favourite on. You need a light hand, but not so light if you make a mistake you’ll have to start all over again, they are very blend-able! I’m guessing it was reduced as the pumpkin palette was unloved as there were lots left even with the price slashed in half however I love them!

They are all a powder formula and from left to right we have, lantern (shimmer), squash (satin) and pumpkin pie/p pie (matte) and you can see the swatches on paper. Lantern reminds of of a burnt orangey red, squash a pretty pink with the slightest hint of orange and p pie is definitely an out there orange in the palette but it looks so nice on and really blends out to leave a beautiful colour making you look glowing, you can already see it doesn’t look so scary swatched on the paper! the paper swatches are layered a couple of times. Again these blushers are pigmented but not so much that you can’t blend them out if you accidentally apply too much. 
I’m chuffed with my bargain and this a long with my other blush by 3 palette in pink lemonade will be getting a lot of use from now all through summer! I mean just look at it, it screams summer! – Amy x


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