Shop my stash spring/summer nail picks including Essie, Maybelline, Seche and Barry M

Today I thought I’d let you in on what will be gracing my nails within this spring to summer transitional time! I love painting my nails and I have to do it at least once a week to make sure they are nice for work. I didn’t include any of my gel/sensationail polishes as I think spring/summer is much more about just being able to paint your nails quickly and then enjoy the weather!

From left to right:

Maybelline forever strong pro in ceramic blue, a lot like Essie’s bikini so teeny, meaning it has tiny tiny glitter particles, which I have but prefer this as it’s a slightly lighter colour.

Barry M in blue moon 317. Again has tiny glitter particles and is the most gorgeous light blue with a hint of aqua.

Essie’s go ginza. Another light pastel which just looks so pretty and goes perfectly with my next offering.

Seche’s nail lacquer in not so easily swept away. Such a cute name! a darker lilac which I feel really works well with everything else I’ve picked.

Essie’s we’re in it together. Another cute name. This is a peachy pink with slighter bigger glitter particles but still extremely subtle, perfect for when it’s nearer the summer end of this season.

Essie’s waltz, a really nice white that is shiny enough you don’t feel like you’ve just used tipex, really not a fan of matte white nails but love this!

As you can see my shades of choice are pretty much all pastels. more cooler tones but warming up with the Essie we’re in it together and Barry M’s blue moon. I’m just imaging all the pretty combinations I can do with these nail varnishes as I think they are all pretty interchangeable. You can’t really go wrong with Essie, Barry M, Maybelline and Seche. All dry in a reasonable time and the finish is lovely!

what will be gracing your nails with spring/summer season? – Amy x


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