REVIEW: Sleek Blush by 3 in pink sprint 366, another bargain!

Quite clearly I go to Tesco a lot haha and I went back to the sleek counter to see if I could find any more bargains as I had found the pumpkin palette for £4.99 there the other day and I found this for £4.99 like my when they are normally £9.99 so off I skipped to the till! You really can’t go wrong with sleek blush, they are absolutely beautiful, even if the colour looks scary it applies like a dream and looks lovely!

Left to right Pinktini, Pink ice and Pink parfait. As you can see the middle pink looks no wear near as bright/scary on the paper and skin swatch, in fact it is beautiful! Pink ice and pink parfait are the two easier ones to apply as yes you need a light hand but you can blend them in easily. Pinktini is a little harder to work with as it has a thicker consistency but it is still beautiful, you just need a really light touch! These are all matte blushers so yes they are unusual colours but aren’t too over the top as they are matte and you can get a really subtle result from all three and easily build it up if you want a more intense blush.

I love the formula of sleek blushers, I have three palette and one single now, probably too much but who’s counting! when I managed to get this one and pumpkin for £4.99 each instead of £9.99 I’m pretty pleased with myself! and I got my other palette pink lemonade with my boots points so the only one I paid full price for was the single rose gold so that’s a massive bargain/win in my opinion! You can never have too much make-up hey? *walks away in shame*

Have you found any bargains recently making you as pleased as punch? – Amy x


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