#nomakeupselfie don’t just take a picture, make sure you donate!

I just wanted to write about this as it’s taken the internet by storm but there seems to be some confusion from what I’ve been seeing on facebook ect anyway!

Basically you take a no make-up selfie, post it onto social media and this is the key part DONATE! That is what will make a difference. I’ve seen a lot of people just posting a selfie and that’s it which great you’ve added that it’s for cancer awareness but the main point is to donate and then nominate more people to do the same!

You can either text BEAT to 70099 which then donates £3 to cancer research UK or text CURE to 70660 which donates £3 to Breast Cancer Campaign or even better both! The money is just added to your phone bill so you won’t even notice it’s gone! all the t’s and c’s can be found on the respective pages I believe.

facebook page for Breast Cancer Campaign https://www.facebook.com/breastcancercampaign?ref=ts&fref=ts

facebook page for Cancer Research UK https://www.facebook.com/cancerresearchuk?fref=ts

I think the #nomakeupselfie is a great idea if people actually donate. Raising awareness is great but it’s peoples donations that make the real difference to make it possible to be closer to finding a cure! If only my family members that have died of cancer were here today! – Amy x


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