Brand focus: Avéne

I ask for advice at work on a good toner to use as the ones I have are really cheap to buy and I wanted a slightly nicer one to see if it made any difference because toner is my favourite skincare step and I feel SO REFRESHED afterwards. Anyway I was pointed towards Avéne as they had some things on clearance I cant remember exact prices of what I paid because I’m rubbish sorry but it was like 3-4 pounds off so worth checking in your local boots. I’m never one to pass up a bargain to be had! The reason Avéne is mean’t to be so good is because of their special thermal spring water that is in every product as it has soothing and anti-irritant properties.

From left to right I have the cleanance Tonercicalfate repair cream which I can’t find on boots but there’s some info about it on the Avéne website, soothing moisture maskcold cream/hand cream and the Trixéra+ emollient cream

First up I’ll talk about the toner. I love this stuff. My skin has been going crazyyyyyyy. I have break outs on my chin, my t-zone is really oily but my cheeks are really dry and I just wanted something I know would be good for my skin. It is the most gentle toner I have ever tried. This toner purifies the skin but it also has a mattifying affect which works perfectly for my oily t-zone right now and I just use hydraluron on my cheeks to counter act the effect but its so so gentle. I get no stinging at all. So far it’s working really well for me.

Next up I’ll talk about the repair cream. Like wow. This stuff is crazy good. I’ve had a flare up on my hands, my mum gets it she did tell me the name but I can’t remember so to save a trip to the doctors she told me she uses e45. Well I read about this and it sounded really good as I have used e45 before and I don’t know it’s just too heavy. This stuff soothes, repairs the skin and purifies because of all the lovely stuff it has in it. My hands felt instantly better, I literally couldn’t believe it.

Next is the soothing moisture mask. I really like the concept for this mask. You apply a thick layer, it feels kinda like a moisturiser but more intense, you leave it on for 15 minutes and then gently wipe of any excess product that hasn’t sunk in which means you don’t have to go scrubbing your face off. This stuff made my face feel amazing and is literally no fuss. I would describe this as a hair mask but for your face.

Now for the cold cream/hand cream. Again has worked wonders for my hands. I got this stuff in three separate shopping trips and got this one after I has brought the repair cream as something to keep in my handbag. It is amazing, truly works but is gentle and doesn’t feel so slimy on the hands afterwards. It has a kind of funny smell, not sure why, but that quickly goes.

Finally and probably my favourite product is the Trixéra emollient cream, basically a moisturiser but an amazing one. It’s for dry skin but as it has the thermal spring water it really helps with irritated skin and is another product that has been amazing on my angry hands! I also use this on my face as it’s for face and body and just wow it makes my skin feel and look amazing.

I’m so happy I gave Avene a try. It’s a bit more expensive than I’d normally go for but in this case you really do get what you pay for I’m so so impressed and my irritant hands and now full on combination face is really thanking me for it. – Amy x


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