I am so excited this week I couldn’t wait to put this up! Since starting slim fast back up on the 17th to get some routine back into my life,  I weiged myself the following monday (24th) and I have lost a grand total of 7 pounds! like woah.

Slim fast wont be for everyone but what I found extremely helpful was an app called Lifesum. There are probably other apps that do this but I saw this one on the home page of the app store and thought I’d give it a go ’cause it was free. Basically its an app that lets you track your weight, calories and exercise. What I find particularly helpful is the layout as every time you enter something you’ve eaten it’s based around a circle design and the circle fills up, when you exercise the circle goes down depending on the calories burnt. It also tells you how many carbs, protein and fat you’v consumed as when you enter your food you can search it’s database to enter exactly what you’ve eaten for example I would search slim fast banana and it would come up, super easy! You can see below what I’m talking about and you get all this with the free version. You can sign up to get more info e.g how much saturate fat you’ve consumed or for it to remember your food choices instead of searching each time but I don’t really find that an issue, for what you get free it’s pretty good.

You enter your details at the beginning and it tells you exactly how many calories you should be eating to achieve your goal weightloss a week, mine being 2 lbs. I find the carbs, protein and fat really helpful as you may of thought you were eating healthily but maybe you were eating too many carbs ect and that may of been what was holding you back. Before I started slim fast again I wanted to compare my old diet and I thought my issue was too much fat but I was eating way too many carbs!

This app has really helped me to focus and it’s like a game to stay under the calorie, carbs, protein and calorie count. Also when you want that treat, exercise and it takes the calories away showing you what you have extra to be able to have that treat without messing up your goal.

I really am happy with slim fast but I know it won’t be everyone’s bag but it’s really helping me to have more structure and make better choices as I find when I’ve got free range I tend to make the wrong choices. With slim fast there are simple rules and you just need to follow them. If I don’t want two shakes I’ll have porridge instead of one or trek bar that’s good for me as long as it sustains you and is within the same amount of calories it’s all good for example I wouldn’t advise swapping a shake for two cans of coke, here what I’m saying! although for me in the early stages it is very tempting and I may have one as a ‘snack’ but as long as you are in your calorie count and you are feeling good then that’s that!

My mum brought me my graduation dress, well two as I couldn’t decide but I may keep both as I need a dress for my exhibitions private view in London, so I’m really motivated right now and having the dresses to try on and feel them getting more and more comfortable will really spur me on!

So even if you feel like you are failing, don’t give up! You can always start again eventually and like me you will be so glad you did. It takes hard work to get what you want, you need to ask yourself is that doughnut/sweet/mcdonalds going to help me towards my goal or is it something that will just give me a minutes satisfaction and then afterwards I feel just beat myself up for eating it.

I wasn’t expecting this post to be so long! But hopefully you may find the app useful if you are taking part in the #bloggerswlw or just in general to track your own lifestyle and see if you are getting enough protein ect or even eating enough calories as some times not eating enough can lead to not loosing weight or not feeling your best. The key is definitely to find balance and just experiment with what works for you. – Amy x


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