REVIEW: Soap & Glory Archery

I thought I’d found my go to brow product when I found Maybelline’s brow drama but I repent for my sins, I was wrong! Above is the Soap & Glory Archery brow tint and precision pencil. I must confess I don’t use the pencil as I don’t really like pencils for brow as I can’t seem to find the right technique. What I’m interested in is the amazing brow tint end. It’s like a felt tip pen but isn’t opaque. It’s very easy to work with and for me personally gives just the right amount of coverage to really make my brows look kept and it really finishes off my make-up look. Even when my eyebrows are over-due a wax, I use the tint and they look that bit smarter! I sometimes use the Maybelline brow drama to hold them but tent to use the No7 clear version to hold them in place and brush them with my Barbara Daly eyebrow brush.

Left if the tint, right is the pencil. As you can see the tint isn’t opaque, it’s very build-able and gives the right amount of colour so you don’t end of with slug brows! The pencil is okay if you like using pencils but I find it less cooler in tone than the tint and just don’t like pencils in general as I find they require more effort which isn’t what I’m about! Mine is in the shade brownie points but there is also a love is blonde version. I was worried it may be too light as my brows are quite dark as is my natural hair colour but the tint is very build-able and worked perfectly for me to create natural, more together brows.
I absolutely love this and I’m so glad I picked it up on a whim when soap and glory was 3 for 2. I got this about a month ago but according to the boots website soap and glory make-up is still on a 3 for 2! so if you haven’t really tried soap and glory make-up before I definitely recommend checking them out. I also love the kickass concealer and really want to try out the super cat liner! You can purchase the Soap & Glory Archery here for £10. Bargain for such an amazing product as you get a tint and pencil and the tint is AMAZINGGGG. 
What’s your go to brow product, is there something out there that could top this?! – Amy x
P.s I am REALLY excited to share my weightloss wednesday post tomorrow, I have some really good news so keep your eyes out! 


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