Hair scrunchies and how I use them to create my perfect bun

I picked these scrunchies up from boots the other day in the clearance section for the grand total of £1 – winning! I’m finding wearing normal hair bands really hurts my head so I wanted to get some as they don’t pull on my hair so much as that causes me to have a headache which sucks! So if you have that problem scrunchies are amazing as they don’t pull my hair at all and I can comfortably have my hair up all day. Anyway I’d just washed my hair, roughly blow dried it, put it up in a pony tail and thought hmm that’s a bit boring so I tried to put it in a messy bun in my usual fashion which just the scrunchie but as they are much thicker than normal hair bands it didn’t really work!

So what I did was put my hair up in a pony tail with the scrunchie and then as I would do with a doughnut I just wrapped the hair around and then held in place with a thin hair band tucking the ends of the pony tail in so I didn’t have a random piece of hair hanging out! I was really impressed with how much better it made my bun look than using a hair doughnut. My hair worked around the scrunchie much easier then when I use a doughnut and it looked more natural and just nicer over all.

So if you want that kind of bun look but hair doughnuts look too big and scary or too polished for the look you are after, try scrunchies! This is definitely going to be my go to hair look now until I get the chop which won’t be happening until the end of april as april is an expensive month but I’ll be sure you show you when I do!

Have you got any easy hair styles that don’t pull on your hair for me to try? – Amy x


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