My new Yankee candles for spring!

I recently finished my small black coconut, sugared apple and medium christmas eve candles (yes I burn’t a christmas candle throughout January to March, no regrets haha). So I decided I needed to stock up again! I went for a 3 pack of small jars that had more spring/summer scents. The 3 pack was from little woods, I paid £25 at there was money off but normal price is £32, more than 3 small jars would normally be but littlewoods are rip off merchants so hence I waited until they were a more reasonable £25, less than 3 small jars would usually cost!

They all smell SO yummy. Pineapple Cilantro is a really fruit fragrance and obviously you get a pineapple like scent. Summer Scoop smells like my favourite childhood sweet, really sweet but in so way sickly, it’s really fruity and just smells amazing, it’s my favourite and I really need a large jar of this one like NOW. Last but not least is Waikiki Melon. Again smells amazing and smells like those melon sweets you can get.

Basically if you love fruity sweet scents that aren’t over powering or sickly these are the three for you. I had samplers in all of these bar summer scoop so I knew I’d like them but omg the bigger the candle the more intense the smell and they are just so nice.

I seem to be getting through candles at the rate of knots! I just love how relaxed they make me feel, especially when I’m doing uni work, candles are a necessity – Amy x


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