No7 Haulin’ – I just can’t help myself! (lip crayon, skin illuminator, mascara, bb lips, shade and define)

I missed out on mother’s day with my family as I was at work all day so my brother took pity on me, as they all went out for lunch and gave me some money to get my lunch at work. Well my reply was you do know this will go on make-up, because well it’s me and he said he didn’t care so win win, they had a nice lunch and I got new stuff haha bless him he is a good big bro!

Anyways No7 had this offer on, if you got two cosmetic products you got a free gift so clearly I saw the word free and couldn’t contain myself! The two products I went for were the BB lips in blush coral and the stay perfect shade and define in cool mink. So far so good, I am loving these.

The freebie came in a really cute little pink box and contain a little lip crayon in delicate pink, eye shadow which doesn’t specify a shade, mini skin illuminator and mini exceptional definition mascara. I really wanted to try out the skin illuminator, the mascara is a firm favourite, I love their lip crayons and the eye shadow is a really nice colour so what more could you want hey!

The swatches from left to right are the eye shadow, stay perfect shade and define, skin illuminator, lip crayon and bb lips.

Have you had a little splurge recently? Let me know ’cause I love reading/watching haul posts! – Amy x


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