A lovely little primark bag love affair

I brought this bag on Tuesday and it’s already love. It’s the most gorgeous grey/blue colour. It’s the perfect size for me, can be worn just on your arm using the little straps or over your shoulder using the longer strap that can be made longer or shorter. It’s a barrel style bag but isn’t really ridged which is definitely what I prefer as I don’t really barrel bags that aren’t soft. It has a handy zip compartment at the front which I use for keys or parking tickets ect, basically stuff that easily gets lost! I also like how the white from behind the material is shown as grey/blue and white looks really beautiful together. It also has a zipped compartment inside. It has subtle muted silver for the zips and joining metal which makes the bag look more expensive. It also has a textured faux leather look, I think any faux leather that is textured always looks more expensive.

You can buy this beautiful bag for the measly sum of £6, yes I said it correctly £6! I could picture this type of bag being at least £20 from a shop such as topshop. I saw so many bags I wanted in primark, they have really up’d their game and have more bags with muted metal, better textures and colours that make them look much more expensive than they actually are. Basically if you want a new bag or even if you don’t and just want to treat yourself, go to primark now!!


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