makeup revolution haul, a more daring rival for MUA?

‘Word on the street’ is that makeup revolution is owned by the same people as MUA and to me this is obvious in terms of the similar packaging with the lipsticks and eye shadows. The clear difference I can see is that they are a lot more daring with colours as a brand which is something I really appreciate and I think slowly the beauty market in general is introducing more daring colours to rival that of high end brands, for example Revlon’s matte balm in shameless reminds me strongly of a mac lipstick called heroine.

The prices are very much in the same vain as that of MUA. I got the most beautiful purple lipstick, which is a colour you just can’t find until now on the high street and it was only £1. Here’s a link to the website. It is also on the superdrug website where it will supposedly launch in stores also. I haven’t seen it in my local one but it was only meant to of launched on the 9th of  April so time will tell but makeup revolution is available from their own website and superdrugs, just search makeup revolution.

The first thing I brought was the palette Iconic 1 which, along with Iconic 2 and 3 are mean’t to be dupes for the urban decay naked palettes. As I have naked 2 and 3 I thought I’d go for Iconic one as I really like the shades in naked 1. I am so surprised with this palette, the quality of the shadow’s really are very good and even without a primer they lasted really well on my lids. This was only £4 which is incredible value for 12 eye shadows that are actually really good quality.

I also brought two nail varnishes to try out. Left is Heart was broken? Right is Gravity pulls you thru. They have a massive range of colours and for £1 each you can’t go wrong.

Onto something I was super excited about. This lipstick in the shade depraved. It is such a beautiful true purple, colour on the lid is what it actually looks like on. I dab it onto my lips for a more unusual lip look. This lasts quite well and for a £1 for such an unusual colour I am pretty happy!

 Another lipstick, this shade is enchant. Again colour it actually is on the lips can be seen on the lid rather than the bullet. I thought this would be more out there but actually it’s a really nice pink that is really wearable. Again this was £1.

Last but not least and the reason I made an order with makeup revolution is this beauty. Other than mac I have not seen a foundation that is white and I really wanted one as I have a bobbi brown bb cream that is too dark with me as it was sent by accident instead of a makeup brush. Anyways I saw this, after finding the site from reading a blog post from miss budget beauty. I thought YES a white foundation I can actually afford as it was only £4. This stuff is amazing, it means I can now wear my bobbi brown bb cream which I love and this just feels so soft and mixes really well. I seriously am really chuffed with this and if you have any foundations that are too dark for you or maybe even a cream/liquid blush you want to lighten up, you NEED this.

Overall I can see this new brand being an amazing success. The prices are incredible, the quality of the products is there and the range of colours available is really very good, I mean you can buy a bright blue or yellow lipstick if your heart so wishes to do so!

Check this brand out, I guarantee you will find something that you will need to buy! I’ve posted twice today as an apology as I hadn’t realised I hadn’t posted since saturday, It’s a busy time for me right now with my final uni project wrapping up but hopefully twice in one day will make up for it! – Amy x


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