REVIEW: Bourjois rouge edition velvet

Swatch: top is nude-ist and bottom is grand-cru. I am in love with this formula. It’s like the Revlon matte balms in finish, a lovely matte but not drying. The thing that makes these that bit better is that the colour application is a lot more even. The two I got were exclusive colours for littlewoods, I’d swatched away in superdrugs/boots as obviously they are cheaper but I preferred these so in my online basket they went!ย 
Nude-ist is the most beautiful colour, the swatches really don’t do the colours justice. It’s a lot more of a stronger colour in person, a beautiful mauvey dusty pink that really gives a make-up look that little bit extra.
Grand-cru is such a lovely deep red, again this is a colour you really need to see in person. It has a pink undertone and ahhh it will be the most perfect evening out colour to really get your make-up to stand out.ย 
These babies don’t budge, well when you eat the biggest burger you’ve ever seen a bit wears off but hey come on that’s not bad! it feels as if you haven’t got any lip product on at all. Bourjois are just on point right now. I have a little haul coming of other Bourjois goodies I’ve got, in fact I’ve been shopping a lot so expect a fair few reviews – oops!ย 
If you are thinking well I have the Revlon matte balms do I really need these? Yes, yes you do. The colour applies a lot more evenly and their red’s are too die for. – Amy x


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