They see me haulin’: blusher, nail varnish, mascara, liner, lip stuff – the lot! with swatches.

From left to right we have the two new top coats from barrym’s aquarium range, the new barry m hi-shine shade in huckleberry, the new barry m birthday polish for superdrugs 50th, maybelline colour show in bare it all, maybelline street artist in urban, maybelline bleached neons in sunflare, maybelline bleached neons in tropink and a collection work the colour freebie from buying a mascara. No complaints which these I love them all and have a nail post coming up with images to show how I’ve used most of these.

I had to finally get the Rimmel stay matte powder, I used to use this when I was younger and with the summer and ‘glistening’ skin coming up I definitely needed this! I got this from boots.

I wanted to find a blusher similar to Benefit’s coralista and I think I’ve found it in sleek’s life’s a peach. It is such a gorgeous colour, slightly darker than coralista but that’s not a bad thing. You can see a swatch in the picture to the side. I got this from tesco for £4.50

My chin seems to hate me at the moment so I had to get an emergency spot stick! I got this from boots.

I wanted to try a new mascara and this one had a great review in a magazine I’d read for being the best for volume and I have to agree, it reminds me of a far cheaper version of the max factor false lash effect mascara. I got this from superdrug.

Last but by no means least I got the collection glam crystals in shake it up. I found this beauty in tesco and it was randomly only either 89p or 69p and the other’s were full price so I’m guessing it was a pricing error but yay for me! I didn’t have high hopes as it was so cheap but this looks amazing on the eyes and isn’t just glitter the gel is tinted as well so it really stands out. You can see a swatch in the picture above!

Obviously I’ve brought more lip products! I only just noticed that I’d already included the colorsensational shine gloss before but I’ve brought a fair amount in the last month and couldn’t keep track oops but yes I’m still loving it.

Left to right swatch wise we have the L’Oréal glam shine stain in 400 from tesco, the colorsensational shine gloss in cashmere rose from wilkos, Rimmel kate matte lipstick in 101 and collection deluxe lipstick in speakeasy from tesco.

I’ve really gotten into glosses recently and pink lip colours. It’s like I’ve done a 360 on the ‘old me’ as I’m definitely embracing my more girly side.

I love the formula of the kate matte lipsticks, the maybelline and L’Oréal glosses aren’t sticky which is what I look for in a lipstick and the collection lipstick in speakeasy is the more gorgeous pink.

When I get near to a deadline and I’m freaking out I tend to shop which is super bad but it makes me feel better for all of five minutes haha and it’s always good to find a bargain! I’ve had my final prints done and put them into frames and I’m really happy with them, bar the one I bent putting it in said frame and need to re-order – oops! Any one else stressed from deadlines?! How do you deal with it, help me! – Amy x


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