update post: I can and I will

I can and I will and I did! Today I handed in my last ever project for my BA in photography at Uni. I seriously have no idea how I did it, I worked from 17:30pm solid until 09:30am this morning, yup that’s 16 hours, but I did it! Well I did it and managed to spell my title wrong on my text panel when I’d read it and re-read it like 5 times but that’s stress for you! anyone for egdelands? #fail. It’s a bit dark but hey that’s my work! It’s not blank in the bottom half, I promise there is text! I’ll update my website sometime next week so if you wanna see it properly head on over there www.amytibble.co.uk end of next week. As you can probably tell this is more of a lifestyle post but even though I’ve been super busy I still managed to find time to shop on monday, payday and student loan day on the same day, bliss! so expect a huge haul coming your way once I’ve taken the pics! 
I went out with the family on tuesday for an Indian buffet, I’m not a lover of spicy food but the chicken satay was amazing and my brother paid for us all so nout better than a free dinner hey! Then on wednesday I went out with the work lot as two people have left/are leaving and two people are retiring, they are such lovely people too! So I had lovely Italian dinner on wednesday, more of a social life this week than the whole of this year so far I tell you! Now I seriously need to get to the gym to stay on track to fit in a dress I need to get into by the end of June! 
I’m a bit at a loss now as to what to do, I haven’t not had anything uni related to do since last may when all the dissertation stuff kicked off, which I found out I got a 2.1 for this week, another reason to be happy! so it’s weird writing a blog post without feeling guilty and now I can read books I actually want to read, so weird!
Another thing that’s made me happy this week are fresh flowers, tulips in particular. Unfortunately the ones pictured have died now but I have a lovely white bunch that replaced with on my dressing table and even more flowers on my windowsill, I have REALLY been loving flowers at the moment. I don’t know why but having fresh flowers and a candle burning makes me work better, not that I need to worry about that for a good while, well until I apply for my art therapy masters but I need to do 1500 hours of work experience first and save over £13,000 so that wont be happening for at least another couple of years yet! 
I feel like I’ve probably wayyy over shared but what’s a girl to do I’m pretty happy right now! link any lifestyle posts you guys have done that you want me to read ’cause I’m nosey :D! Now I have the time expect lots more from this little blog, I want to make it the best it can be! – Amy x


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