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Little bit of an instagram life update for y’all! It’s been kinda uneventful photo wise but a lot of stuff has gone on! I”ll go top to bottom and left to right. The first two images with all the colour are my newly decorated room and my new skincare shelf! It is so nice to wakeup and be faced with colour and opposite I have a coral wall and it literally just makes me feel so happy waking up and seeing bright colours!

I love flowers! Having fresh flowers around really lifts my mood, especially bright ones! So the next image are of the most amazing profiteroles I’ve ever had in my life! Chocolate covered and chocolate sauce mmmhmmm. Next image is my #ootd from today! I got a really cute baby blue cropped jumper from tesco in the sale for £9, it is super fluffy and I wear it over a baggy black cami so it’s modern but more my style and comfy! I watched frozen for the first time on sunday night then again on tuesday night! I cannot express how much I love this film! It’s so emotional, I went from tearing up to beaming and I WANT an olaf!

Last row and the first image is my #fotd from work on saturday. When I’m tired my face is puffy haha and this was near 7am on a saturday morning so yano but I liked how I’d done my make-up! I probably make more effort for my work make-up than I do normally! I really need to sort out my eyebrows though!! That same saturday the weather was crazy and I had to wait out torrential rain before I ran back to work to avoid getting soaked! Finally bloglovin sent me an amazing email, I’ve reached 800 followers which literally blows my mind! So if you were my first or my 800th THANK-YOU!

Other life stuffs are I’ve started volunteering at a care home and it was my first day/session/couple of hours yesterday and it was so amazing, I loved listening to their stories! one lady was 102! I also found out I got a 2.1 for my final major which counts as two projects worth of marks so I am literally so happy, when I read the marks I had to load the page like 5 times just to double check I’d read it right and then I cried like a baby hahah so I’m really hoping that means I’ll get a 2.1 over all looking at all my other marks so fingers crossed, I guess I’ll find out real soon! Bad news is I had a chip in my window screen, bloody roads and my poor new to me car, I’d called auto glass when it first happened but the chip was too close to the side of the screen so the guy said it would have to be replaced but not to worry until it cracked but he couldn’t see that happening for a while as it was so small, well that was on the may bank holiday and today it turned into a crack so kinda pissed about that but hey I have window screen cover so it’s all good, just pissed!! I noticed the crack when I’d basically parked in a shopping center car-park so thought well sod it I’m here don’t panic just go shopping as you were, cause I wanted to buy myself something nice cause of my uni grade and just hoped it didn’t get any worse on the way home and thankfully it didn’t but damn 22nd may better come quick so I can get it fixed cause I don’t wanna drive it til then! Anyway onto the shopping, I went a bit cray cray with some high end and ‘drugstore’ make-up goodness so a post of my goodies will be up tomorrow, I thought I’d do an update post as it’s just been hauls recently hahaha.

How’s everything going for you lovely lot!? – Amy x

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