High end and high street blow out make-up splurge (Urban Decay, MAC, Smashbox, Rimmel, Soap & Glory, Models Own, essie)

I thought I’d start with the higher end stuff first and as you can see I didn’t hold back, oops! I got a few things I’d been wanting for quite some time! Debenhams had 10% off beauty so I got the urban decay setting spray and naked flushed from there. I can see naked flushed being the only cheek palette I use, it is so beautiful! The swatch is the first on the left above and as you can see there is a bronzer which isn’t matte but there’s just a small amount of shimmer, it’s really pretty and then a champagne coloured high lighter and lovely dusty pink blush. Next I went to boots and found the smashbox heat wave lipgloss set for a measly £8 when it’s still online for £22.50, I have no idea why it was on clearance but I’m not complaining the colours are beautiful and the swatch is the middle set of colours. Obviously I had to go to mac, I knew I wanted a lipstick and I’d had a few in mind but decided on up the amp which is the second to last swatch next to the eye liner. It is a beautiful purple but not so bold I wouldn’t wear it often. I actually did a give away at Christmas and the winner picked this shade, I hadn’t heard of it and ever since then I’ve wanted to own it!

Again from boots I picked up some soap & glory make-up as they were buy one get one half price. I keep hearing estée from Essie Button talk about her love of the one heck of a blot powder so I wanted to try that and Louise from sprinkle of glitter recently talked about the supercat eye liner and it looked super pigmented and easy to use so I got that! It really is so easy to use, I had perfect winged eye liner on my first try! above next to the mac lipstick swatch is the supercat swatch and as you can see you can create thicker or thin lines, the nib is really easy to control.

Another purchase from Boots. I had absolutely no intention of buying this but I saw that it came in different shades other than black and I had to give it a go! The one I picked was emerald and I think it will look really nice with my eye colour and the brush shape is interesting. These currently have £2.50 off at the moment making them £4.99 which I think is a pretty decent price! It also comes in sapphire, amethyst and jet black.

Finally and again from Boots I picked up a couple of nail varnishes. The models own hyper gel I’ve wanted to try for a while and at 20% off making it £4 I couldn’t say no. I picked a beautiful coral colour. I also got Essie ignite the night which was on clearance for £2.49, again no idea why but such a good find!

I’m pretty sure this is the biggest blow out I have ever had but as I’d found out I’d got a 2.1 on my final major project at Uni and was pissed because of my window screen I just went for it and cleared a few things off my wish list! The over-time at work can pay for it haha. I’ll obviously have a fair few reviews coming your way! Next up will be a dry shampoo that has stolen my heart and has triumphed over batiste! – Amy x

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3 thoughts on “High end and high street blow out make-up splurge (Urban Decay, MAC, Smashbox, Rimmel, Soap & Glory, Models Own, essie)

  1. I got sucked into the 10% off offer in Debenhams to and ended up spending a small fortune on Urban Decay and Benefit. Please do a review on the Urban Decay Spray I was looking into buying it.



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