The best dry shampoo ever in the history of ever.

So the title is a bold claim but I tell you no lie it’s the truth! I’ve tried batiste, Charles Worthington, boots own, superdrug’s own, tesco’s own, dove’s new offering, toni and guy, tresemmé, basically I’ve tried a lot. With batiste I’ve found, even with the coloured versions, it left my hair with a white coating which just didn’t look good and the other’s didn’t do that but didn’t really do anything at all so it was either live with a white tinge or use something that kinda didn’t do anything.

Anyway garnier had brought out their new range ultimate blends and I’d spied the 7 in 1 dry shampoo and thought I’d give that a go! It interested me firstly because it stated there was no visible residue which is what I’ve been looking for but it also said it absorbed grease at the roots and made hair feel supple so as you can see it sounded perfect from the packaging!

This stuff smells good, the packaging is nice and I LOVE it. They do one other version in green packaging which states it’s for normal hair and this one is for mid to long length but other than the fragrance I can’t really see any difference.

This stuff leaves no residue what so ever, however much I spray it is undetectable. It works just as well as batiste but without the white tinge so basically it’s the perfect dry shampoo.

you NEED this in your life and you will be converted just as I was, this is THE BEST dry shampoo I have ever tried, I’ve even stock piled, I’ve got one on the go and two as back up’s as I got them while they were half price from tesco and boots haha but there are 3 for 2 deals on at the moment in boots but even full price at £3.99 it is SO worth it for a dry shampoo which works as good as batiste and has no visible residue! Perfect for those crap I’ve slept in and have to be at work like now days! – Amy x

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7 thoughts on “The best dry shampoo ever in the history of ever.

  1. What is this like in comparison to batiste? I've always used batiste but I'm getting sick of it with my hair, its just not doing what I want it to do anymore!
    I think I'll try this next time, and leave a review on my blog ( 🙂


  2. It is the same standard as batiste but I find it is so much better at doing the same job as I get no white tinge, I don't have to spend an age brushing it out and I don't get an overly powdery feel like I get with batiste. Don't get me wrong I used to love batiste but the whole talc looking and spending ages brushing it out and still having a tinge wasn't a good look as I have quite dark brown hair and even with the brunette version it still did it! x


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