Work haulin’

You may or may not of worked out a pattern now that I seem to have a lot of hauls, well yes I do but it’s really hard not to shop on your break when you work in one of your fav shops.

I work in boots, the high street mecca for cosmetics and whilst I’m on my break I can’t help myself but shop, in fact I’m notorious for my shopping habits at work! All I’m sayin is thank god for my staff discount other wise things could be worse haha! So hence the name work haul as I made these purchases over the weekend as that’s when I work and then Uni in the week yada yada!

The No7 vouchers are back! And as I enjoyed the No7 highlighter stick so much when I spied the new bronzer in the same vain I had to buy it. I don’t have anything like it, it is the most beautiful golden colour and with £3 off its a bargain. I normally go for matte bronzer but I’m enjoying the shimmer in this, it’s definitely on the side of pretty instead of being too much. To the left, the second swatch is the bronzer.

I also got a couple of the new Barry m gelly hi shine shades in almond and coconut, I’m gunna do a nail post with these, the shades are b e a uuuuuutiful. These are currently on offer, two for £7 which includes the new lip crayons too! As always the gelly hi shine formula is amazing.

I also got a nails inc nail varnish which is one of two shades avaliable, the other a red, which come free when you purchase the Colgate maxwhite one optic toothpaste which my dad likes so he got a new toothpaste I got a nails inc nail varnish all for £4.49, everyone’s a winner!

I got the witch skin clearing primer as it was on clearance for £2.50. So far I am loving this. It’s more of a creamy formula but as I’ve found with previous creamy formulas it doesn’t tug on the skin and has an element of silkyness like the silicone based primers I’ve grown accustomed to. I’m also super stressed at the moment so keep breaking out so I’m hoping this helps with that too!

This brings me nicely on to soap and glory’s dr spot. Soap and glory has a 1/3 off at the moment. This purchase was mainly out of desperation but I have wanted it for a while. I woke up with the biggest spot on my chin and this has literally cleared it up in two days which has never ever happened before with other stuff I’ve tried so I’m kinda amazed! I had heard it was good from the blogging circuit but damn it really is good!

I then got the fab pore wipes from soap and glory as well. I was toying with getting the mask I think it is but went with the wipes for ease of use. Fab pore is anything thing that has been hyped and I have really obvious pores on my nose so I’m hoping it helps!

Then I got a rimmel Kate lipstick in the shade 32, I haven’t seen this before and they also had a Betty and a lighter pink so I don’t know if they’ve released some new shades. This was only £3.99 as certain rimmel things, mainly the Kate range has money off and this looked like a really pretty peachy orange which I don’t really have as a more pigmented colour in my collection so out there for me but I can see this looking beautiful with a bronze smokey eye in the summer. Above you can see the swatch of the lipstick.

Last but by no means least I got the tangle tamer brush from denman. I’m ashamed to say it but I used it have two tangle teasers and I’ve managed to loose them both even though one was luminous pink and at nearly £12 they are a wee bit expensive to keep buying. I believe this one was £6.89 and comes with the added bonus of having a handle and honestly it works just as well, that’s probably because my hair is a lot shorter now but to be honest it still gets really knotty and this brush is definitely getting rid of the knots without giving me a headache!

So there you have it, my not so small work haul, opps! All prices listed are without discount because that’s a lot more helpful to you guys! I also got the nails inc/toothpaste and rimmel lipstick with my points so added bargain there! Please someone tell me they are as bad as me with buying stuff to make me feel better haha – Amy x


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