REVIEW: Lancôme hynôse drama mascara and a ‘drugstore’ dupe

I really gotten into mascara recently, like a lot, I have farrrr too many now but I’ve been really impressed with two lately and this is one of them. It’s the Lancôme hynôse drama mascara in black. This mascara seems to have a lot of hype surrounding it, there are various hynôse versions but I picked this one up from debenhams for only £10 as it was on offer, It’s normally £22.50, I have no idea why it was on offer but yay me and sadly for you guys it no longer is!

This mascara separates, volumes, lengthens and really makes my lashes pop. Everything I look for in a mascara this delivers. Length is really important to me, I like to be able to see I obviously have mascara on, not in a clumpy way but with lots of added length and this delivers. My mum even noticed my lashes and said how lovely they looked and that’s saying something ’cause she really needs her eyes tested haha.

The brush is a slight s shape which I finds aids you in coating every single lash. It’s got a really nice formula, not too wet, not too dry and It doesn’t go thick and crusty like some mascara can do after being on for a while.

So £22.50 isn’t a price I would want to pay regularly, luckily for me with the bargain I’d found I didn’t have to, but I love this mascara so much I needed to find a dupe. I saw a girl’s eye lashes at work and they looked amazing and like the results I get with the Lancôme hynôse drama but better so obviously I asked what she used and it was the max factor masterpiece max mascara. This is £9.99 so a much more reasonable price to pay and I get the exact same results as the Lancôme hynôse drama mascara but with a bit more volume so essentially it’s even better. The only differences are the price, more volume and it’s a straight wand. I would highly recommend both these mascara’s, I for one am very happy! – Amy x

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