NEW mua matte shades in lilac belle and a seemingly Kylie Jenner inspired fawn fancy

I LOVE the new mua matte shades, I’m guessing they introduced them for summer? Shade wise they are right on point and this time around they seem to be more pigmented too. I know for me with their berry shade I had to layer it up to get a good colour pay off but not with these two, the swatches really don’t do them justice they look way better on the lips but I’m stuck invigilating my show for four hours at Uni so I wanted to to something productive hence this post!

The top swatch and lilac shade, on point with colours popular from mac and in the media lately, is called lilac belle, such a cute name! This is the perfect lipstick if you want to join the purple/lilac band wagon but you don’t want something that’s too in your face. This colour really works as something that is a bit special in terms of colour but is totally wearable for everyday and at £1 why wouldn’t you! The formula isn’t drying at all and it doesn’t show up dry patches too much either which for it’s price is bloody good. I also really like the packaging, the white and silver is eye catching and it’s super helpful the bottom can be unscrewed for more product and you get a true indication of what the actual colour is without opening it.

The second swatch is called fawn fancy. This has to be my favourite of the two. Kylie Kenner’s lip choices of late have been loved by many and this is definitely channeling that. As I hated mua’s previous nude offering I really didn’t have much hopes for this and nearly didn’t get it but I am SO GLAD I did, I’ve worn it every day since. It somehow makes me look a bit tanned which because I’m so pasty really helps and it just looks good! Same with lilac belle, the formula is amazing for the money. They last quite some time too, not as long as higher end mattes but I’d say 6 hours without eating and although they have lasted through a meal they did become fainter but not in the I’ve got a ring around my lips kinda way which is good!

All in all I love these! I know I did a post yesterday about my top summer lippy picks and I didn’t put these in on purpose as I knew this post was coming but these two beauts will DEFINITELY be gracing my lips allllll summer!

Have you managed to get your hands on the new shades, what do you think? – Amy x

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