Maybelline dream sun bronzer and blush combo

I’ve been really enjoying combo products lately, basically things that mean I need to make less effort so a two in one product is great! I found this little gem in Tesco for only £3.99 when it’s £6.49 anywhere else so no idea why that is but win for me. I chose the shade golden tropics however there is a darker option called bronze tropics. First off the bat maybelline have won me over for having two shades, one being light enough to suit my pasty skin! The blush part is big enough to use on it’s own, as is the bronzer obviously but together they look just as beautiful. It’s bang on trend for summer, combining products to make it easier. The blush and bronzer shades are so pretty and as far as I can tell they are matte so if there is any shimmer I can’t find it! Another perk is that the lid is a screw on it doesn’t just clip in place so no danger of it accidentally coming off and covering your bag. Well done maybelline for your first bronzer and blush combo you did good! – Amy x

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