Is there any point to spring water sprays?

I always wondered why people were raving about the Avéne spring water spray because I always used to think what the hell it’s just water. Many moons ago I used to have the Evian version and I just thought okay that’s useful if you feel hot but that’s about it, why not use a fan? 
Now I feel myself wanting to apologise for the error of my ways! I never realised how good they were for your skin! Take the Avéne offering in particular, okay yes it is used to cool you down but it has ingredients that really soothes your skin also, it’s great for setting make-up and works a treat on my hands when they have a flare up of what I’m assuming is eczema but I’ll find out soon! anyway this helps to make it feel less angry and heated! Basically they are wonder products that shouldn’t be tarnished with the ‘cooling sprays’ brush! I repent for my sins and will definitely keep repurchasing as you can use them for multiple things and they come in travel and full sized versions, it’s just so handy! There are many brands that have their own version and so far I’ve tried the above two and I’m pretty impressed with it for something that is supposedly water, when you read into it though you find out it’s much more than just your average water!
whats your opinion on spring water sprays, are you a convert like me? –  Amy x

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4 thoughts on “Is there any point to spring water sprays?

  1. I have always wondered what is so special about them too! I bought the La Roche Posay one last week and am yet to try it so hopefully it will prove to be more than water lol x


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