Is toner worth the extra effort?

In response to my title, yes yes yes! There is nothing better than taking off your make-up then treating your skin to some toner to make you feel refreshed and squeaky clean! There’s something in ’em, I don’t know what but any toner I’ve used just makes my face feel super refreshed like I’ve just splashed a load of water on my face, which by the way is a good alternative as apparently toner is the step that closes your pores after the cleansing opens them to get rid of all the dirt, all good stuff! After trying many many many many toners, I think, think!  I’ve found my favourite and it’s an offering from boots own brand botanics.

As you can proably tell I’ve found a new favourite spot for taking pictures too! My dad rescued this lovely little garden table from the skip at one of his jobs and even with the flaking it’s still so lovely! Anyway back to the product at hand! This is a toner in the form of a spritz from the organic section of the botanics brand which is meant to be suitable for all skin types. I have sensitive combination skin and it works wonders for me. It contains rosewater from the denmark rose apparently but all I know is it’s damn refreshing, I keep using that word but there isn’t a better one haha.

This stuffs normally always on a 1/3 off offer making it £3.49, normal price is £4.99 which I would still happily pay! So if you’re not sure about toners or you’re looking for one with my fuss give this one a go as you literally just spritz and you’re away! – Amy x

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