first impressions: origins extra-zing energizing kit

I got this about a week a go now and so far it’s love. I have had the ginzing moisturiser on my wishlist for SO LONG! and after seeing I had enough points for this set on my boots card I thought sod it and got it! This set is £23.00 or 2300 points and is the same price as the ginzing moisturiser would be on it’s own except you get a couple of freebies! The two freebies in question are the ginzing eye cream which I’ve also really wanted to try and something I didn’t even know existed, the origins ginzing brightening mascara.

So far it’s love with the moisturiser. I wasn’t expecting the gel like texture as It looks like it will be more of a cream but as it feels more gel like it’s so lovely to apply and it probably sounds stupid but it does feel like it’s giving my skin a bit more life because of it’s amazing texture. It’s really light and refreshing on the skin, makes my face feel smooth and supple and also which is a major plus for me it sinks in quickly so I don’t have to wait long to start applying my make-up. I did think I may be disappointed as at the end of the day it is just a moisturiser but so far so good and it really does live up to the hype and best of all it hasn’t irritated my skin at all!

The eye cream feels lovely and anything to brighten my tired eyes is a plus as I seem to be so sleep lately. It’s thicker than the moisturiser but still feels light on my skin and it’s good to have a good quality eye cream because the skin around your eye’s is probably the first thing that’s going to go in terms of wrinkles so best to start laying down some foundations haha. The mascara isn’t the best I’ve tried and it’s by no means the worst, it’s just a nice one that creates lovely wispy lashes.

For £23.00 this is well worth it as you get the full sized moisturiser and try sizes of the mascara and eye cream that are actually quite generous. So glad I’ve finally got this in my skin care routine! – Amy x

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