REVIEW: & other stories Moire Green nail colour

Let me start with a positive for this that the colour is beautiful, It’s a super light green and would of gone perfectly with my dress and Uni gown colours as I brought this for my graduation nail varnish, the one to look back on fondly in years to come but it kinda didn’t turn out that way. 
Another positive is that the packaging is super cute, I wanted to buy everything in & other stories but unfortunately the funds wouldn’t allow hah but the jewellery swoon.
The nail varnish is priced at £5 so I was expecting the same sort of quality as models own, barry m, rimmel ect. However the formula was really gloopy which mean’t actually applying it was a nightmare as it just wouldn’t go on smoothly at all. It also really wasn’t opaque at all and I doubt that you’d of ever been able to get an even result and with every layer the application was getting harder and harder to do. 
Basically the night before my graduation it was kinda a disappointment! I really hope it was just because this shade was so light that might of had an effect as I know that can happen with other brands that the brighter or darker colours apply better so I might give them another chance!
What actually ended up gracing my nails after hunting through my stash was the barry m gelly hi shine in almond. It is a REALLY good dupe for nails inc porchester square, well I think so any way, that I recently got a long with two other nails inc polishes on a 3 for 2 but there will be another post on them as I am super impressed! 
I thought I’d do a double post today as I have been so busy recently notanotheroneamy has been neglected! However I have been doing some super exciting things which I want to tell you guys about for example my London photography exhibition and my graduation as well as more product reviews including a Chanel foundation so keep your eyes peeled! – Amy x

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