My graduate degree show experience

I thought I’d blog about my graduate degree show experience. I had one at my uni in farnham and one in london during something called free range which is a kind of festival I guess where many uni’s exhibit across many disciplines on different days!

First off trains cost a ridiculous amount so if you have to travel to your end of year show (unless it’s at your uni like my first one was) give this some serious consideration as it cost me £110.50 for trains let alone money for food and as it was so hot lots of refreshments! However the amount of people that actually came to see it and the buzz you get kinda out weighs the money, well it did for me anyway as I had to pay £135 for the space and that was split among 48 of us so £135 times 48 is a lot of money and then sponsors were found ectect it is a lot of work. We also had to build the white walls you see those prints on, the space was literally empty! the last two images you can see the wood on the floor and then the image before, it up and don’t start me on the painting, clearing up and taking the bloody thing down!

It’s the first time I’ve been to london so often! I normally just go for the day every so often but as it was cheaper for me to get a weekly ticket because I had to go three times for my exhibition and then again for my graduation I went again just to be a tourist which was really nice!

I lived off coffee. The first day I was out the house at 7am and back at half 8 at night and the second day I was out the house at 6.15am and back at 12am so VERY long days. The taking down of the exhibition didn’t take quite so long as we just hammered it down, that was the fun part!! I also spent most of my train journeys on the floor or stood up which isn’t so good. Do not love london train/tube rush hour!

It was a great experience to get to know people on my course more which was also a shame as it was, bar graduation, the last big thing we’d all be doing together! One of the students parents got us a cake with our logo on which was so sweet of them! We didn’t have any help from our uni so having a few of the students parents there was SUCH a big help!

My mum and dad came on the opening night and took me home and it was bloody incredible seeing the london sights at night by car. If you get the chance you need to just drive round london at night for get a taxi to do it haha it is magical!

The two take a selfie pictures of my parents and then them in the bottle was on of the pieces of work from another uni. Easily the best piece of work there, you took a selfie (Cheated with my parents) and uploaded it to instagram with the hash tag #bottleme and you then appeared in the bottle, pretty cool hey! It was by a student called Daisy King so look her up!

The Brick Lane 24 hour bagel shop is pretty cool, their hot salt beef is really good, definitely something to try if you happen to be there.

Hopefully that was kinda interesting for you?! It was hard work but I had a great experience and basically the main thing I took away from this is to just say yes. I was so close to just doing my show at Uni and said yes to this last minute but  I am so glad I did! I’m finding myself saying yes a lot more recently! – Amy x

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