Body shop haulin’

So if you haven’t heard you’ve been living under a rock. Body Shop had an amazing 40% off everything which included sale items, nuts!! Apparently the offer ends on the 7th July midnight online and at close of business in store so get buying! Just search for the code online and show it in store or enter it at checkout online, simples.

1. Limited edition blueberry body scrub gelee which really does has the consistency of jam and I’m looking forward to trying it as I have the body butter and it smells AMAZING. This was only £3 because of the sale then 40% off which is insane, hence I brought two!

2. Honey bronzer (01 light matte). I didn’t really get how a bronzer could have so much hype but this really is amazing stuff. It’s subtle but totally buildable and just looks beautiful on my skin. I wore it to a wedding the other day and felt my make-up looked really good and this definitely added to that. It has such a beautiful honey comb imprint and a mirror which is handy. This is normally £13 but was only £7.80 with the 40% off. Totally enabled by essie button! Actually most of this haul was because of essie button haha.

3. Cranberry room/body/linen mist. Yes I know this is from christmas but it smells really fruity so is suitable for all year round and it was £3 in the sale and even less with the 40% off, bargain!

4, 5, 6. These are all from the colour crush shine lipstick range. 4 is 15 in the range, 5 is 18 in the range and 6 is 14 in the range. I’ve just made they way more confusing then it needed to be haha. Basically 18 and 15 were two that essie button recommended and I’d seen her wear and they just looked like really natural every day kind of stain looking lipsticks. The swatches correspond to the numbers on my own picture. They don’t actually have names on the lipstick itself but they do online which is weird but anyways I’ll just stick with the numbers! I mean I got quite similar colours but they do look different on the lips but I reckon if you mixed 18 (my 5) and 14 (my 6) together you’d end up with a shade similar to 15 (my 4). 15 is a beautiful pinky coral (my 4), 18 (my 5) is more of an obvious coral and 14 (my 6) is a magenta but as they are sheer they are quite wearable and work a lot with your natural lip colour so I think each person would get a slightly different result. They last well, feel nice on the lips and just create the most beautiful lip colour.

I am so impressed with the body shop make-up, I definitely want to try more! My fav two products from my haul have to be the colour crush shine lipstick in 14, the more magenta shade and the honey bronzing powder in 01 light matte. I will definitely be bronzing up more often now! – Amy x

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