My graduation and university experience.

I was quite lucky in that my graduation was only a few weeks after I got my results so I wasn’t waiting for long to get the whole thing over with! My advice would be to seriously enjoy every second ’cause it’s over in a flash and then you are like shit so now I’m in the real world and then actually the real work really does then start!

My graduation was at the royal festival hall, a scary venue in itself. It was absolutely massive. I just went on the stage, looked straight on, not at the audience, tried my hardest to smile and not trip and then I was off the other side and it was over haha. I hate massive crowds and people looking at me so it was kinda hell but I’m glad I did it as you don’t have to go to your ceremony to get your degree but I’m glad I did. I always thought that the scrolls people held on their professional pictures were real but it’s all a lie haha your actual certificates get sent in the post! I got some lovely gifts from my family, had the yummiest celebratory meal at home afterwards and of course took a silly selfie and nice one with my mum! She’s never done a selfie before so got a bit confused haha. Top two images show you my graduation #fotd which mainly stuck to my original plan but I did change my blush and high lighter! It was just a really lovely day!

Wearing a gown and funny hat for me was really weird it was like all of these people I’m used to see in normal clothes are now all dressed up and we are in a gown/mortar board hats that just seemed too old for us but nope it was definitely our time to graduate! My three years at uni were not what I thought at all. I didn’t live there, I commuted and some times I wish I did move their even though it was only half an hour a way to get more involved in the social side as for me I didn’t really go out and make really close friendships. Uni only reinforced that not everyone is the same and that you’ve got to have real patience with, let’s put it nicely, bigger character’s, especially as my degree was a BA (Hons) in Photography, It is creative based and you could see that more in some people than other’s if you get what I mean. Basically art is very opinion based and some voiced there’s maybe more than was necessary and not in a very nice way at times. You will probably wonder what your lecture’s get paid for by the time third year comes round and you will probably have really tough times and maybe feel like giving up for example right before your dissertation is due! You will probably form unexpected friendships and I know I was really grateful to meet people that I felt were on my wave length and really got on with. BUT. Nothing compares to the amount of pride you feel on your graduation day and the happiness you feel for your class whom you are graduating with, even the ones you maybe didn’t like so much! I honestly didn’t think I’d do it. Having my best friend leave first year, breaking my ankle and being told to come back at another time you’ll never catch up and proving them wrong and just generally battling with self-doubt the whole way through, It may sound big headed but I’ve never been more proud of myself.

I’m not saying Uni is for everyone and I’m certainly not saying you can’t feel proud of yourself doing other things, I know I’m proud of my twin-sister, my brother and parents with the careers they chose to do which didn’t involve uni and are doing so well in, it’s just my experience. Having such an introvert personality and it taking a long time for me to warm in peoples company, it’s just something I really didn’t think I’d be able to get through and I did it! a long with all the separate challenges a long the way. Uni taught me that I really am a resilient stubborn bugger and I will stick at something just to prove a point haha. Now I’m really excited to try and get work in the care sector and work towards getting experience to be able to apply for my art therapy masters and hopefully really make a difference! – Amy x

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