MAC X LORDE pure heroine

I was SO excited for this to come out, it is of course the limited edition pure heroine lipstick that was a collab with the lovely Lorde. I was surprised there was no special packaging but at the same time lorde to me seems like a pretty down to earth girl so maybe that’s why it is just in the normal mac packaging.

Onto the colour, it is beautiful! Of course Lorde’s album is called pure heroine but it is very much like the recently brought back mac lipstick called heroine which is obviously where some of the inspiration came from, that and Lorde’s apparent love of the dark vampy lip. My swatch really is terrible, the sun was way too strong today but if you search online there are many other’s that show it off better.

Being an amplified finish, it is very very pigmented. It glides beautifully on the lips making it no hassle to apply and as far as I can tell it doesn’t cling to any dry patches but my lips are in quite good shape at the moment. I think this is a great colour, It’s definitely wearable and wasn’t as dark as I was expecting. I’d say it’s heroine mixed with media or even cyber or any darker colour to be honest, I’d say if you already have heroine you could probably get this colour yourself by working with what you’ve got, either a darker mac lipstick or accessorize passionate is one of my super dark favs. My favourite way to wear it is as a stain, it just looks so so beautiful. It’s still in stock at mac uk but Ā I would be quick and damn it mac why have you raised your prices by 50p?!?! why. I thought maybe it was just this one but nope all the regular ones are Ā£15.50 too but hey ho, this is worth it it’s beautiful. Stain for the summer, full on opaque colour for the winter, you are sorted! – Amy x

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