What I’ve been buying lately

It’s that time of the month againnnnnnnnnn! It’s pay dayyyyyy! and this month I had a lot of over time so I went a bit cray cray. I’m going to do a separate review of the Nails inc polishes ect basically any of the makeup/skincare stuff there will probably be a separate review. I tried to get some nice swatches but the light was really weird so they didn’t really look how they should at all which isn’t helpful! I got a few clothes bits, a jumper for £4 down from £22.99, two tops £5 each down from £22.99 and a pair of jeans for £7 down from £26.99 in the newlook sale so I definitely recommend checking their sale out.

1. Primark tan clutch bag £4. I used this for my graduation and I could fit soooo much stuff in it I’m talking all my make-up, the graduation program, a drink, camera, emergency charger ect so that’s a lot! It doesn’t look big, it’s like a mary poppins bag. Having the wrist strap is really handy. the texture really adds something and it just looks like it would cost way more than it did.

2. Topshop shoes. These were mean’t to be mine I swear. I went to my local topshop, saw these, but they didn’t have my size. Went to a bigger one and I was trying on other shoes and then one of the shop assistants brings in a box of shoes and puts them out and there they were, the last pair in my size and it’s love. I don’t normally get too excited about shoes ’cause my ankles are wonky, I have flat feet and it just makes shoes a generally pain in the arse but I really like these, they are comfortable and look good! These were in the sale and were £10 from £32, cray cray.

3. Another bag from primark, this was either £4 or £6 I can’t remember sorryyyy but It looks way more than both prices either way! What’s handy is that it has two zipped compartments as I loose stuff easily so having separate compartment makes it easier for me to sort out my stuff, especially my damn car keys! It has a really nice textured faux leather effect, my preferred material/texture of choice as I just think it makes it look more expensive. Nice adjustable strap. It’s just a really decent bag which is a nice size, not too big, not too small that can either be dressed up or down.

4. Again from primark I picked up this gorgeous kimono which will dress up plain black tops. Has lovely tassel detailing and a floral design which is busier at the top and then spaces out towards the bottom. Again good ole primark it looks like it’s worth more than I paid at £13!

5. My sister got me these boots from the newlook sale. I think the original price was £22.99 but it could of been more and they were down to £7. A great staple, I love wearing black boots with tights and dresses all year round and they are great in the winter with jeans. A versatile plain black with zip detailing that would go with anything and a great bargain!

6, 7, 8. All Nails inc nail varnishes. From left to right bruton street, porchester square and george street. I won’t go into these too much as I’m doing a seperate review but let’s just say I’m pretty happy I own them!

9. Pack of rings from primark for £2. Normally generic rings don’t fit me but these one’s did and they are just a nice selection that I can put on whenever I want to jazz up my hands a bit haha.

10. Sleek matte me liquid lipstick. This shade really reminds me of Revlon’s elusive. The formula is really light and lasts well.

11. Maybelline superstay better skin concealer in light. I was looking for a concealer just for spots having lost my collection one and I thought I’d give this a go as on swatching it is pretty thick and creamy so I’ll report back on how I get on.

12. Superdrugs naturally radiant hot cloth cleanser. Never tried one before so looking forward to giving it a go and in superdrugs it was/maybe still is buy one get one half price on their own brands so I got a set of the clear make-up bags (13) as well ’cause I prefer when I can actually see what’s in what bag.

14. I got this from newlook again in the sale and it was only £2! The picture doesn’t do it justice. It’s a mixture between gold and silver, a really light gold with a silver tint, it’s hard to explain! All the zip pockets are really handy and for £2 and something a bit different you can’t say no!

I still have some stuff to come in the post, I’ve already got my mac lorde lipstick, got my tarte blush and I’m waiting on my thebalm nude tude palette so I’ll do seperate posts on them, well I would of already done a post on pure heroine! What have you been buying recently? There are some amazing sales on atm!! – Amy x

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5 thoughts on “What I’ve been buying lately

  1. I love the black primark bag, so jealous you guys have Primark in the UK!
    The Maybelline concealer looks interesting, I've never seen it before. Is it new?


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