REVIEW: Nails inc. porchester square, george street and bruton street.

As promised here is a separate review of these lovely nails inc polishes. I have had a couple of freebies from magazines ect but never actually went out and brought some but I had had my eye on porchester square for far too long and it needed to be mine. I also picked up george street and bruton street as they were on 3 for 2 on littlewoods for Β£14 each which is Β£3 more than boots but as it was on 3 for 2 meaning I’d get one ‘free’ or in reality for half the price if I were to get them from boots it wasn’t a bad deal.

The formula is great. Completely opaque in two coats but you could get a way with one if you were in a rush. They dry quite quickly, have a really nice sheen to them and are really long wearing. They lasted on nails chip free for 3 days which might not sound like a lot but some of my nails are in really bad shape so it’s pretty good.

The colours are beautifulllllll. I was surprised as I thought my favourite would be porchester square (left on swatches) but although I love it I think my favourite is bruton street (right) then george street (middle). I would say porchester square is more of a mushroom nude where as george street has a slight hint of peach to it but it is still very much a nude and a gorgeous one at that and then bruton street is the most beautiful dusty pink, It is my dream lipstick shade in nail varnish form! It just have a depth of colour to it I can’t describe like when you see a blush or a lipstick and think how did they make that the colour is stunning!

I am so impressed with these and I haven’t really seen any reviews on george street or bruton street but they are so so beautiful. The colour of bruton street is like nothing I’ve owned before and that’s saying something as I have A LOT of nail varnishes so maybe give some nails inc shades you haven’t heard of a try next time you wanna treat yourself! – Amy x

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