Another nude palette you REALLY do honestly need!

I was naughty and brought the thebalm nude’tude palette ’cause well it’s beautiful! In the end I paid £23.85 I got an email from feel unique and you could get 10% off one brand and the palette was cheaper than I thought anyways so I just went for it oops! Normally it’s £26.50. Do I regret it I hear you ask? Nope nope nope. I’m gunna make a bold statement here and say that the quality of the eye shadows are better than the urban decay naked palettes and I love my naked 2 and 3 but I just got way better colour pay off even without a primer when I had a play with this beaut.

The shadows are buttery, I didn’t experience any fall out, no even from the shimmers which I’m really surprised about and the colours are just gorgeous. The swatches are in order of the how the palette is so you can link up the names ect but for some reason I just can’t capture how the colours actually appear to me through my phone (I’d use my dslr like I do with my other images but it’s only me and it’s near impossible to try and take the picture) which is incredibly frustrating but the colour pans do a better job of showing you how they will look on your eyes as there isn’t any difference because they are so pigmented. If I was gunna be picky I’d say that I don’t love the shade snobby but that’s cause I’ve never really used a yellowy gold on my eyes before so I’ll have to experiment with that. The black, serious, is SO pigmented. It is the most pigmented black eye shadow I have ever used and works amazingly well as eyeliner and better than some of my actual eyeliners for that purpose and it looks equally as beautiful blended out to create the most amazing smoky eye.

Sophisticated and silly are very similar shades, one is just slightly more red in tone and has more glitter so maybe a bit more of a difference would of been nice for those two. My favourite is the shade sexy as I don’t own a colour like it and it’s such a lovely deep burgundy that looks lovely blended out for a smokey eye, lightly in the crease to give your eyes a little summin’ summin’ or on the outer corners. Over all though the shade range is really rather good. You have a shimmery white perfect for the inner corners of your eyes, a great mixture of crease and all over shades and a couple of shades great for defining. I love the names of the shadows and the name nude’tude for the palette as they really are nudes with attitude because the colour pay off is so good!

I really want to try more from the brand as I really am so impressed with these shadows, it’s given me what the urban decay wasn’t (or what I didn’t think possible as the urban decay naked palettes are so good), more colour pay off so my eyes really stand out. I don’t want them to really stand out as in I want bright pink eye shadow on but I did want it to be more obvious I had eye shadow on if you get what I mean! Anyways Next pay day I think I’ll try one of the lipsticks or blushes, maybe both ’cause I know what I’m like hah. –  Amy x

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3 thoughts on “Another nude palette you REALLY do honestly need!

  1. The shadow pans are smaller than urban decays naked palette's but I'm one of those people that tend to just not hit pan on anything 'cause I have too much stuff to use haha x


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