My wishlist is mainly high end which isn’t good for my bank balance. I’m gunna have to spread these purchases out, that’s if I’m even able to buy all of them wahh but at least I can appreciate them in all there glory through pictures haha.

First up is a lipstick from the company melt cosmetics which was founded by two amazing make-up artists from America. I have been watching their journey from the beginning and so want to own one of these beauties! You can buy it from beautybcosmetics.com and as far as I’m aware this is the only place that’s UK based whom you can buy it from but melt also has a website, meltcosmetics.com, which you can buy it from but obviously there is shipping where as beautyb the shipping is free but you can at least learn more about the brand from their website and there is a ton of swatches!

Thebalm mary lou-manizer. I have heard this talked about soooo much and as I love my thebalm nude’tude palette so much I really wanna try this.

Benefit’s gimme brow. I’ve heard mixed reviews about this but I really like brow gel products so I think I’d love this as I’m lazy so it’s dead easy to use.

The tarte lights, camera, lashes mascara. I’ve heard Louise from sprinkle of glitter talk about this and her lashes are always on point so I need this in my life!

Thebalm instant stain blush in strawberry looks beautiful and blushes seem to just slide of my face so the fact that it’s a powder but a stain so is long wearing really intrigues me!

Tarte amazonian clay blush. I already have one in fearless, an orangey coral, so I would love one with a more pinky purple tone as they are just incredibly soft and beautiful.

Another tarte product, I’m fangirling I swear as I have a review coming up on the mineral powder foundation but I would love to try the liquid version and the fact they come with a brush from qvc is a massive bonus!

Lastly as I love my Hourglass ambient lighting blush, I’d love to try the original powder because, well it’s beautiful!

So that’s my majorly expensive wishlist! I’m hoping to get full time work soon as I have graduated from Uni now so fingers crossed and I’ll probably blow my first pay check on allllll-o-dis haha. I also got some really exciting news the other day that I have been chosen to take part in an exhibition between sept-oct at my Uni’s gallery and only 7 people from my particular course were picked so I’m pretty happy bout that. Finally I have tweaked my blogs layout/colours slightly so I hope you like it! – Amy x

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4 thoughts on “Wishlist

  1. There's an older Benefit product called Speed Brow, I don't know if you've heard of it, but it's like Gimme Brow but doesn't have the fibres, so if all your brows need is a slight tint and a tame then maybe that brow gel would be good? It's only £13, which is incredible for a Benefit product!

    I ordered it and it came this morning, I'm so excited to try it!



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