REVIEW: Revlon brow fantasy

I’m gunna start off by saying I LOVE THIS STUFF! When I was in a rush getting ready I forgot to put the top back on my beloved soap and glory’s archery felt tip end which is what I used everyday so I needed a new one stat. Everywhere I went brownie points, the shade I use, was out of stock so I was looking for something else and this caught my eye as I had a £2 off revlon voucher.

I was worried the gel would be crispy but it’s not at all. It adds texture but it doesn’t give you dry disgusting crispy eye brows, they look good and natural. The pencil is also a winner as it isn’t too hard or too harsh, it works well to produce subtle colour to fill in your brows. I originally got this in brunette as they didn’t have dark brown and it is slightly too red toned for me but I could still get away with it, not as red toned as some. I got a £10 boots voucher today from signing up to now tv movies so decided I would get the dark brown one as well which is better suited to me as it is cool toned but I would still wear either, just maybe save the brunette for night time as you only notice the red tone in strong day light really. Pictured above is the brunette version and it does also come in dark blond.

I predominantly wear the gel but when I want to make more of a statement I will use the pencil to fill in as I have a couple of bald patches yo. Since I have got the dark brown one today I really don’t think I’m too bothered about having benefit’s gimme brow anymore ’cause I love this product so much and now I have a shade that is on point! For £6.99 I’m really surprised the gel is such a nice consistency because it really isn’t dry and crispy as other cheap ones can be. It’s a great drugstore product that just works so well and is super easy to use. I got mine from boots so keep your eyes peeled as it’s buy one get one half price on all revlon products atm! – Amy x

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