Ain’t nobody got time fo dat morning make-up routine

Normally I only have ten minutes left in the morning to do my make-up because I want that extra bit of time in bed! I’m really bad at doing my make-up quickly as I tend to just peruse. I could spend 10 minutes or more on my eyes alone! So I’ve had to try and get better and I think I’ve finally found a set of products that I can use quickly and I still look presentable!

My base of choice is the tarte amazonian clay powder foundation. I have already confessed my love for this here. It’s super quick to use and just looks really good!

I also use the body shop honey bronzer in 01. As it’s so light I don’t need to be stupidly careful with application and find this and the barbara daly blush brush the perfect combination to give my complexion some warmth and life!

For my eye lids, recently I have been loving the Rimmel Kate Moss scandal eyes eye shadow stick in rose gold. It’s a really captivating colour, looks beautiful and is super easy to apply and blend out to make it look like you’ve put some real effort in but really it’s taken seconds! Generally when I’m in a rush in the morning I reach for long lasting shadow sticks, the Maybelline colour tattoos or one eye shadow with a darker shade for the outter corners that I know will last a long time such as my thebalm nude’tude palette so I know I can just put it on, my eyes are done, it will last all day and it only took a minute max.

My mascara of choice is the max factor masterpiece max. I LOVE this stuff. I’ve been battling between this and the lancome hypnose drama being my fav but I always come back to this one. I get great results with just once coat, two and it’s even better. It manages to get all the tiny hairs top and bottom as well as the curl lasting through-out the day, It doesn’t have the consistency that makes me want to pull my lashes out, it’s a deep black, doesn’t clump and looks really striking giving a fanned out, lengthened and thickened effect. This is the mascara I recommend to anyone that asks.

For brows when I’m really in a rush I tend to just swipe over some clear mascara just to fix them in place as they tend to have a mind of their own. When I have a couple more minutes I will use my trusty Revlon brow fantasy.

For lips I go for a sheer colour which doesn’t matter if it fades at work. At the moment I’ve been loving the body shop colour crush shines, in particular shade 15. These are great for just giving your lips something extra without worrying about how it will look when it fades.

Lastly I give my face a quick spritz of the Urban Decay all nighter setting spray and I’m good to go within my time limit! Does anyone else have the same problem? There just isn’t enough time in the day and when it’s a choice between more sleep and make-up, more sleep people! – Amy x

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