Poundland goodness

I went out for a mooch with my sister today as it’s her day off and I have a free week! Obviously had to go into Poundland as sometimes they have some hidden makeup gems and today they didn’t disappoint! I’ll talk about them in order of swatch so it’s easier to follow!

I managed to pick up a Rimmel waterproof gel eyeliner in aubergine as I think it will look beautiful with the gold. I already have a brown one of these so I know I like it. It’s so easy to use, lasts very well, nicely pigmented and the brush is in the lid and just needs a wipe with some tissue after you are done, simple!

I also picked up a Rimmel scandaleyes shadow paint in golden bronze which is crazy as they are still in superdrug/boots for £4.99! I already have one in rich russet I paid full price for so I know I love them and I’m really diggin’ golden bronzed looks at the moment. These last incredibly well, they are like the liquid verson of the maybelline colour tattoo’s. This would look amazing under a gold eyeshadow to really make my eyes pop!

Lastly, I picked up a rimmel blush, well it says blush but then the shade is bronze, it’s clearly a bronzer! Anyway I picked this up and it’s a nice light bronzer with a bit of shimmer. It’s a really nice shade for paler skin tones and although it has shimmer, it isn’t tacky looking and really adds some nice warmth to your face. Very impressed for a pound!

There were some other really nice bits in there, they even had a Rimmel apocalips but I already had the shade but that is definitely worth looking out for ’cause they are amazing!! I’m trying hard to rein in my spending so a trip to Poundland is nice and cheap but I still get to treat myself!

Have you been to your local Poundland recently? What bargains have you found? – Amy x

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