Everyone loves a freebie and if it’s clinique, even better!

Okay so for the august edition of glamour magazine, with Ellie Goulding on the front, there were four different clinique samples to pick up! Obviously because the magazine was only £2 and I’m crazy, I brought the magazine four times haha.

I’m pretty sure this edition is still out as normally the new edition of glamour doesn’t come out until around the 7th or the weekend before that so I would highly recommend you have a look for it if you haven’t got it already!

On to the products! I have heard amazing things about the dramatically different moisturising lotion. It is really nice and creamy, almost wash like if that makes sense. It smells of playdough which I don’t love. It sinks in really well and doesn’t feel greasy or sticky at all so that’s a big plus. For me personally it does feel a bit heavy. I just don’t think anything can beat the origins ginzing moisturiser, sorry clinique!

The high impact mascara, I love! I have had it before as my cousin introduced me to it a couple of years a go and it’s a lovely lengthening, fanned out, deep black mascara. The name high impact really does fit as you can definitely tell you’ve got it on. I’ve already found my ‘holy grail’ mascara in the maxfactor masterpiece max which is cheaper than this so unless I get another sample I don’t think I’ll be using it again but the mascara itself really is rather good!

On to the chubby sticks, the most exciting thing I wanted to nab! The darker pinky red is called super strawberry and the lighter pink is called woppin’ watermelon which is holy appropriate. I  really like the feel of these. They go on smoothly and moisturise well. My only disappointment is that I thought they would be more pigmented comparing them to the various products that have ‘copied’ them. They are more of a glorified tinted lip balm, but nice all the same, it just makes me glad I have a couple of samples and didn’t buy a full sized one. Maybe because they are so similar to my actual lip colour I don’t get as good a colour result as someone with a naturally lighter lip colour. A few times I have been asked what lipstick I have one when I haven’t got one on hah.

Overall I’m pretty happy with my ickle clinique stash. I love when magazines give away samples you have actually wanted to try for ages! Last month glamour give away a full sized eyeko eyeliner in navy or black worth £12, I got both obviously (help me I have serious makeup issues!!), so thumbs up glamour! The magazine isn’t half bad either haha! – Amy x

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3 thoughts on “Everyone loves a freebie and if it’s clinique, even better!

  1. I was so gutted that I couldn't find the chubby sticks ANYWHERE! I went to about 6 different shops in my area and then got friends to look of me too and nothing! You are so lucky you actually found one. Great review of these products.

    Emma Louise xx



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