Recent buys

To go along with my little essence haul, I also brought these lovely things! The Bioré charcoal cleanser is AMAZING, you can really feel it working and it had money off so even better! I had to repurchase the Botanics rosewater toning spritz. I love this stuff, my skin can’t get enough of it, it is so refreshing! I also picked up the quick fix facials purifying charcoal mask which also had money off and it had charcoal in it so I had to get it! I use a charcoal shampoo and it’s amazing for my hair so I’m guessing this mask will be amazing for my skin. I got a pack of rings from primark, for £1.50 it’s a beautiful collection. I haven’t tried midi rings before but they look really nice, my mum doesn’t understand the point in midi rings but I like them! Finally I picked up a retractable brush from wilko. This was only £2 and it is so soft! Perfect for chucking in my bag as it’s protected and is great to use with finishing powder.

I have been shopping today as well ’cause it’s paydayyyyyy so expect another haul soon, a pretty big one, oops! – Amy x

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