Well this is embarrassing, yes, it’s another haul

Okay so today I went shopping with my mum and nanny and may of accidentally gone into primark and superdrug oops. I couldn’t leave the new releases in the shop, I just couldn’t okay! So apart from the two brushes and brow pencil which are from primark, everything else I got from superdrug so you can have a looksy for them too!

So I picked up the bourjois bronzer and highlighter ’cause I’m lazy so having two products in one bit of packaging is a real plus for me. A lot of the time I just have to shove some stuff in a make-up bag and do it in the car when I get to my destination so with this I can just leave it in my make-up bag and know I have a decent product to use. This was £7.99 which I thought was a fair price for two products essentially. It’s b e a uuuuuu tiful!

Next I got two of the new maybelline baby lips electro ’cause I was sucked into the at the till merchandising and they were buy one get one half price, £2.99 each. I got berry bomb that has a slight purple tint and strike a pose which has a slight coral tint.

I also got the rimmel kate moss lipstick in 08. I don’t know why but I am obsessed with how mac velvet teddy looks. I goggled dupes but I couldn’t even find the dupes in store so I settled on this today as I think it’s kinda similar and is a really nice colour any ways. This I believe was £5.49.

I got a bit excited when I saw the revlon colourstay moisture stains as I feel like I have been waiting for their release for an eternity! I picked the shade barcelona nights, It’s a super pretty pink. I really couldn’t decide which one I wanted, I had swatches all over my hand from deciding on the velvet teddy dupe and this hah! I was £5.99 as it had £2 off so I really couldn’t say no!

I picked up another small stippling brush from primark as it is so good and I picked up the bigger version too. They are SO soft and for £1.50 they are a bloody good bargain! I also noticed primark had a brow pencil with a spoolie so picked that up and I’m really surprised by it! The spoolie is really nice and the pencil isn’t hard at all, it’s soft, easy to use and works well into the brows with the spoolie, for £1 I am really impressed.

Finally I got the superdrug colour effects wash in wash out in cool blonde. I’m still toying with the idea of bringing back my ombré hair and I’d use this as a sort of toner after bleaching as that’s what I did last time and as it’s cool toned it will tone down any yellowy/brassy tones.

So errrr my bad. I haven’t done swatches as I am going to review/swatch this stuff separately when I’ve used it for a little while. Tomorrow I will have a July favourites up instead of more shopping haha. Now this really should be it for this month hah (she says) – Amy x
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