REVIEW aka swoon: Nars, The Happening palette

I found this beaut on a blog sale and I had to have it! It’s the limited edition ‘The Happening’ from early last year. I have wanted to try some nars stuff for the longest time so I thought a palette like this would be the best way. I have no idea whether the eye shadows can be brought separately but the blush is the infamous orgasm and the bronzer is laguna and those two things were the first two I wanted to buy from nars. The swatches from left to right are coconut grove, kuala lumpur, corfu, night star, laguna and orgasm.

Coconut grove is a lovely dark matte brown, perfect for shadow eye liner or smudged in the outter corner for a smokey eye.

Kuala lumpur is the most beautiful shimmery purple, the gold flecks going through look beautiful. It’s perfect for a really statement crease colour or again in the outter corner of your eyes.

Corfu is a gorgeous everyday crease shade. It’s a lovely golden sandy colour that will work with so many looks.

Night star is the perfect highlight shade, lots of shimmer which is what I love. If you don’t like shimmer, bar coconut grove, these shades are not for you.

Orgasm is such a stunning shade. The gold specks really give life to your cheeks. The colour really pops, it is beautiful!

I can definitely see why Laguna is such a big deal. I was worried it would be too dark for me but it is such a perfect bronzer and lasts really well on my skin. In the pan/swatch it looks kinda orangey toned but on and blended it isn’t at all, it’s a perfect contour shade.

I really want to try the sheer glow foundation or the tinted moisturiser next but this palette has been a great introduction! The pigmentation is on point, staying power is great and I’ve got a little collection of lovely shades.

What do you recommend I try from Nars? – Amy x

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