Homeware haulin’

So as you can tell by the title I’ve been picking up some home stuffs. I’ve been to dunelm and homesense so I’ll start from the top down to the bottom and let y’all know what I got!

First up I got a water bottle for work. This was £6.99 from dunelm. I was looking for this particular make as my brother uses them and I stumbled upon it in dunelm so win! It has just an average normal bottle style top which I prefer to a flask top, is bpa free so no nasty gases, doesn’t leak and feels pretty sturdy.

Next up and also from dunelm I picked up this gorgeous canvas in the sale for only £3.49. It is huge, I’d say almost A2 and goes really well with my peachy feature wall. The quote ‘choose happiness’ is a nice reminder that it is a choice to be happy, you can get yourself into a better situation.

Also from dunelm is the little basket below. I believe it was either £4.99 or £5.99. My sister brought a practically identical one from homesense but for £12.99 so I was pretty happy when I saw this and it keeps all my regularly used hair stuff neat, tidy and in easy reach!

The next two purchases are from homesense. The little note pads which I would hazzard a guess at being A6 came in a pack of 3 for only £1.99. I found the front so inspiring. I use the black one for notes at work, the pink for blogging stuffs and the orange for money/to do lists.

Finally I brought a sweet little vase? which is actually a soap dispenser minus pump for 20p!! crazy and the fake greenery for a £1. I’ll openly admit it doesn’t look real but it’s a nice bit of green and I couldn’t pass up on the 20p vase! Maybe I’ll buy a flower from somewhere else that looks more real aha

So there you go, just a few home/life bits I’ve acquired over the last few weeks. I think my fav is definitely the set of notebooks, the words are so inspiring! Can’t wait to get paid from my new job at the end of sept and have a massive splurge on all the other lovely home bits I’ve seen! – Amy x

P.S I really wanna do an updated make-up storage post and a perfume collection so keep your eyes peeled for those soon!

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