The pointless review

When I first heard about this book I thought yeah this sounds interesting but is it just another wreck this journal, which I have got but couldn’t be bothered to finish haha. However I have to eat humble pie. As soon as this book arrived in the post I have filled out so many pages. There are plenty of pages that you can just quickly complete to pass a few free minutes or ones you have to think about more and there are some more adventurous pages if you like but it feels a lot more do-able than wreck this journal which seems to be more physically interactive, cba!

My favourite page so far has been the ‘not to-do list’ which asks you to write a list of 5 things you don’t want to do which I found so therapeutic! I’m always thinking of what I have to do next and stressing it was nice to write a no f you, I’m not gunna do that task today list haha.

Basically, from a 22 year old’s non fan girl view this is worth buying. It is well thought out, I like the overall design and you can really get a sense that these activities have really been mulled over as to whether they will work for multiple people to be able to do. I’m always trying to avoid things I really should be doing so this book is the perfect thing just to pick up and pick a random page of pointlessness. It really helps take my mind off anything I’m fretting over too as it is getting you to partake in what is essentially, as the name would suggest, a pointless act. The likeness to wreck this journal is clear but I feel it has better thought out activities that you can involve your friends in or think more about which I prefer for example the not to do list as mentioned before and there is a page that asks you to write about the dream you had last night and what you think it means, I like that kinda stuff.

Have you brought this? What do you think? –  Amy x

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