Bit’s and bob’s haulin’

A couple of weeks a go now, as you can probably tell from my other hauls, I was feelin’ spendy and this is the random/home instalment for y’all. Above is a plant from Redfields garden center. When my grandma used to live in her own home she would have loads of these furry leaves outside her house and I have been searching for years and years and I finally found them! No idea what the name of them is apart from the fact they are a succulent. The plant was £3.99 and I also picked up this cute ‘shabby chic’ mug which clearly isn’t a plant pot but I really like the two together and that was £3.25 down from £6.95.

I also went to longacres and picked up some lovely fake flowers, so lovely my dad thought they were real haha. The gerbera was only 99p and the peony sprig?! was only £1.99. Fresh flowers get kinda expensive after a while so these are a perfect addition to my room to add a lovely pop of colour.

Then I went to House Of Fraser. I wanted to see whether they had the Yankee candy cane lane candle in yet but alas they didn’t. However they did have the november rain range on offer so I picked up two votive’s as that’s my birthday month and I have had them before and they smell really good! Not my usual sweet scent but I really like it.

Next stop was boots and I needed to pick up some more shampoo. I had a 10% off voucher and it was 3 for 2 so win as this shampoo isn’t cheap but I can’t use anything else as I have scale psoriasis. This stuff is super good, keeps my scalp happy, keeps my hair shiny and the charcoal smells good! I also picked up two of the vitamin e night creams to try as it was 2 for £4 and I had enough points to get them for free!

Finally I went to wilko and saw that the new original source scrubs and moistursing shower gel were on offer so I picked up two to try. They both smell really good and the blood orange really reminds me of halloween and autumn. Hopefully the moisturising shower gel does just that! I also got a little tub of hair grips. Normally they just come attached to a bit of plastic but these came in a really useful container so I thought they’d be a lot easier to keep track off as they always seem to go walkies, I’m sure you can relate!

Finally from wilko’s I got this super cute diary. I know it’s aimed at academic’s ect but everyone needs a diary hey and I loved the quote on the front as that is the main thing I’m focusing on/working on at the moment to not put things off! It’s a double spread to a week so plenty of room for writing down blog ideas to appointments to work schedules.

On the subject of work schedules I thought I’d let you guys know that wednesday will be the last day of my new job as a care assistant. Unfortunately I found it too emotionally hard as the residents all suffer from dementia, some far worse than others and it was too heart breaking to see amongst other things. So! Now I don’t have a job that giveaway I promised will have to wait again I’m so sorry, I feel so rubbish about it! I have an interview on thursday though so pleaseeeeeee keep your fingers crossed for me!

So that’s my random haul! Until I get a job again that will probably be the last haul for a longgggg time but I have lots of exciting, well I think so, posts in the pipe line! – Amy x

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